So, what’s this “Tapping designer thought process” at TGP?

I was reading my software engineering book earlier this morning, where I found this quote by Marvin Minsky- “There is no computer that has common sense.”

As you read this, look around the page. You’re probably used to understanding what part of this text is the header, and what part is the main body. You probably don’t have to be told that the “follow” button on the Twitter widget needs to be clicked in order for it to do some action. We’re so used to this stuff these days, that it’s almost common sense. Designers.invent.commonsense.

I’m fascinated by these people. I’ve tried hard to be one too, although I’m mostly a fail at it. Aren’t you fascinated? Isn’t it amazing how this guy sits at a desk and makes a fancy swoosh, and now you’d pay a thousand bucks more just to flaunt it? At my BoF meet at the The Goa Project this year, we’ll discuss that. I’d like to learn more about how the best designers among you and your friends think. How you and your designer friends convert a boring product description into an admirable brand. We’ll try to learn from each other, how designers invent common sense.

What do I gain doing that? Well, I’m a twenty year old, I’m being taught to write seemingly boring computer programs in school. Owing to that hatred, I went ahead and learned to build web applications on my own and spent the last summer trying to help open source designers from the Fedora project collaborate on their design work. I co-authored GlitterGallery, something we’ve decided to describe as a GitHub for open source designers. In the process, I got a chance to interact with some designers, and from the looks of it, everyone would love something that would help understand how a designer creates awesome.

As per my googling-and-talking-around, there are no (both popular & effective) platforms for pixel ninjas to really showcase & explain the process of their design work. Such a platform could possibly transform the state of design education and hiring. From the interactions at TGP and mainly through the half an hour BoF, I’d love to return home with a better idea of how such a platform would be. 🙂

Who should attend? If you’re a designer who hates mailing lists to discuss design work. If you’re a unicorn herder who’s had trouble with client feedback. If you hire designers, or a designer waiting to be hired. Or, if just like me, God was unfair and didn’t bless you with any of those, but designers fascinate you and you’d like to learn from the other designers who’re at the event.

Looking forward to see you all in Goa! If you don’t want to miss updates, click that “follow” button on the right – I wasn’t joking, it actually works 😉

Here’s the thing on the funnel: If you’re up for a quick survey to help me with the talk, here’s a list of questions if you could please answer:


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