Glittering updates!

Apologies for the hiatus in posting – let’s say I just got drowned in schoolwork. This semester looks amazing (wrt the courses), but TBH it’s quite easy to get bored in class. I’m happy Vidhya Ma’am is our Algorithms trainer, she’s just really good. Finally some challenging problems to look forward to in class 😛

GSoC has been going great too, and I passed my mid-evaluations successfully (yay!) 😀 My mentor and I had a nice meeting last Friday over Skype and I’m glad she seems satisfied with my performance. 🙂

Here’s the Glittery TODO status:

  1. Style Glitterposts
  2. File level history
  3. Style commit log pages
  4. Plan the fork process.
  5. Style comments

Here’s a quick summary of what happened over the last couple of weeks:

  • There was an extremely weird scenario with the glimage’s file level history. While everything seemed right code-wise, my browser would render SVGs with clearly different source as the same! Turns out you’re supposed to assign unique IDs to SVGs if you’re displaying more than one at a time on the same page. While I broke my head for quite some time on this, Emily was quick in pointing this out! 😀
  • I’ve been pondering over the right way to deal with SVG files created on the the fly. It didn’t take me too long to get SVG-edit to work on the new_glimage page, but there are certainly inconsistencies with how I should store these SVGs created on the fly, as opposed to those manually uploaded by the user. I’m going to give it a few more days of researching, and if nothing else works, we’ll have to do a bit of an ugly user-experience hack – allow users to create the SVGs online and then download them. Then ask them to upload them back again.
  • I’m currently reading up about the fork() process from the grit library, have some confusions. I’m able to get the user to fork a project, but the created project doesn’t have the source files.

As for schoolwork, I seem to really enjoy Operating Systems Principles, not sure if that’s because of a certain emotional connect with the Fedora project. 😉 Alright, I’ll try to be more regular with the posts next time.



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