First iteration outcomes!

I’m a little late this week, owing to Calcutta-heat-induced-laziness. Just a week before college starts and then I’ll finally enjoy some great weather! 😀 Anyway, quite some stuff is happening on GlitterGallery!

TODO Status:

  1. OpenID integration
  2. Fetch email and nick through SReg
  3. Glitterposts for users
  4. Improved comments based on User details
  5. Make comments polymorphic
  6. Followers for people, projects
  7. User page (just a stub for now)

Additional fixes I need to make:

  1. WordPress authentication doesn’t work as expected for some reason, although FAS works perfectly.
  2. Glitterposts need to be styled, etc
  3. Polymorphic comments are good model wise, but they’re failing for some reason
  4. Migrations are breaking on OpenShift. Have to investigate.

Now coming to the details, the thing I found most difficult was integrating OpenID. The documentation is extremely old, and almost every new gem seems to fail due to some routing issues. Finally I managed to capture the essence of the old docs, and with some luck over lots of coke, it works now. I’ve covered the full process in a dedicated blog post. I managed to fetch user details through OpenID providers (personally, I use FAS) through SReg, although  auth through WordPress seems to fail 😦 I’ll hopefully invent a workaround soon.

Glitterposts have turned out great, although they could benefit a lot from some crazy styling. That’s for one lazy afternoon, although I think I already know where to drive inspiration from 😉 I don’t know if I’ll end up replacing the whole system with one that provides a bit of CMS facility. We probably don’t want as much complexity right now, although a few extra features would be welcome!

What I really want to fix right away is the comments – the idea being that if I can make them work for one model (say glimages), they’ll work for anything else. I will take a look at the polymorphism first thing tomorrow.

Emily and I will hangout soon, and once we do, we will have a better idea of what needs to be worked on next! 🙂



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