At this moment, there are two things I’m really happy about 😀

Let’s start with the slightly more geekier one. I managed to finally set up my development environment for the summer to work on Glitter Gallery. Ironically, it was a simple affair during the Windows days (a month back), but doing the same thing on Linux took me two full days! I would blame that on my half baked knowledge of Linux administration, and the Ruby Version Manager. Luckily, all of this is just a learning experience, and there’s loads of help out there on the internet 🙂

I will write a primer on the full process soon . My current instance can be accessed at Although it’s very very hacky at the moment, I’m sure Emily and Máirín must have put in a good deal of effort on making whatever exists so far. I hope to add to the effort significantly 🙂

And the emotional, exciting, deserving news being, my application to the Google Summer of Code got accepted. Everyone tells me it’s a great learning experience, so I’m looking forward to it! While I acknowledge I put in a quite a bit of effort into it, I really need to thank everyone who provided me with crazy feedback and enabled me to write a decent proposal. 🙂 And of course my amazingly resourceful and fun mentor, Emily (who once disappeared and really scared me, though :D).

Took me quite a few attempts to get Fedora in the picture!

Took me quite a few attempts to get Fedora in the picture!

I’m really happy about this – it’s the beginning to a crazy summer ahead!

For those of you who’d like to follow my progress as I work on a tool that will help Open Source designers collaborate better, you can keep track of the progress at the project wiki (will add a link once I have set things up), GitHub, and my blog.


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