Cartoons for Glitter Gallery!

I’m quite excited as I write this. Meet my friend Anirudh, who’s helping me with thewebsiteGEEK as an artist. Though work on that is still yet to start, I gave him some lessons on Open Source and told him about Glitter Gallery.

What’s awesome is, he’s contributing too, and will make sketches for us! 🙂 I asked him to come up with a character for Glitter Gallery (for use on emails, documentation, help, etc). And he did.

I’ve put up some photos here. I’m saving up money for a scanner right now and had to stick to taking photos from my iPod, so the quality isn’t amazing.

Tell me what you think! 😀


We haven’t come up with a name for this awesome character yet. Suggestions are welcome! 🙂


I’m glad Anirudh finally got something cool to contribute to. (He hates college as much as I do, and had been itching to work on something like this for a while).Image

Be sure to tell me if you think there are improvements that could be made 🙂



2 thoughts on “Cartoons for Glitter Gallery!

  1. I’m really enjoying the information you’ve been imparting on your blog regarding comics and graphic novels. Do you ever run into deadline problems? A small number of my blog readers have complained about my blog not having enough consistency in producing material. Do you have any ideas to help fix this issue? Perhaps you can post your ideas in one of your articles. .

    • Not too sure what you’re trying to ask. I don’t create comics and graphic novels often, this one happens to be a supplement to a project I’m doing for Fedora. 🙂

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