Some Contribution Points on Glitter Gallery

Sacrificing a rare Sunday gate-pass (and a chance to catch up with Iron Man 3) to brainstorm on Glitter Gallery didn’t turn out to be so bad after all. I got the chance to interact with Sumana Harihareswara on Freenode, who was kind enough to look over my proposal. I must say she’s the fastest Grammar checker I have ever met.

Anyway, coming back to GG, I was trying to note down a few points that could be implemented in the future. Not right away, perhaps, because it’s either not thought out properly, or would take too long to be listed as a feature to be built this summer. Talking to Sumanah gave me few more ideas.

  1. i18n and L10n
    • To provide true access to a lot of users, we would need to pay lots of attention to this. As the wiki points out, we’d need to look at things such as multiple language support, observing cultural context and so on, apart from taking care of things like maintaining a standard date/time format, etc.
  2. Help to the disabled
    • Many designers are surprisingly color blind. It would be useful in such a scenario to provide them with an alternative means of deriving all the benefits associated with Glitter Gallery. Off my head, I’m thinking of things like how a to-do list could use colors for indicating priority levels, and how we could use an alternative to take care of that. I am on the look out for an expert to help out with this, especially because I am bound to overlook such minor (yet incredibly important) details.
  3. Security
    • Obviously, a web app is prone to a lot of threats, and I feel this is an area we should completely try to strengthen. I don’t have too much web security experience, though I did catch up on quite a few of security chops in the process of participating in sCTF. I understand that Rails helps overcome many such issues with the help of gems that are generally programmed securely, but then there tend to be lots of small loopholes left over in the architecture that malicious crackers would love to exploit. I know a bunch of people in the inCTF team who have been practicing security for a good time now, so I plan to ask them for help.
  4. Handling troubled data
    • There are could be instances where we might be contacted by people to remove every trace of say, a particular file, because it has legal problems and things like that. Honestly, this is an area I have completely no clue about, so it would be great to incorporate a mechanism within our system that helps us in situations such as these.

Now these were just some of the points. There are quite a few things that keep running in my head all day, that I am unable to put down properly. I would blame all that exam pressure on the side for this.

Let’s hope things go well and I get to work on this project over the summer. If there are any more suggestions to think of, remember to comment here 🙂


#1 – Gettext is a useful tool that can help us with this. I haven’t found a lot of time to blog about it, but as soon as my exams are over, I will blog about all the notes I have about it scattered all over my computer.


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